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> KXStudio Monthly Report (January 2020)
On 2020-01-29 by falkTX

Hello all, another monthly report about the KXStudio project is here.

A few days ago, Carla 2.1-RC1 was announced.
As mentioned in that post, Carla's frontend move to C++ has started, for performance, reliability and debugging reasons.
It is going to be something that, even though means a lot behind the scenes, visibly nothing will change. (except performance)
Because of this, do not expect many UI related changes in Carla for the time being.

There were more package updates in the repositories. Those are:

  • lsp-plugins updated to 1.1.13
  • x42-plugins updated to 20200114
  • distrho-ports updated (added Temper as LV2 and VST plugin)
  • bchoppr added
  • bslizr added
  • bsequencer added
  • bshapr added
  • geonkick added
  • mod-cv-plugins added
  • noise-repellent added
  • regrader added

A few of those were made possible thanks to LibraZik project, from which I imported a few.
I am quite grateful for them, and you should be too! :)

On a more personal side of things, I have started renting an office for work (both for employer and FLOSS stuff).
Its setup took most of the time on the holidays, and quite a fair bit in January too.
It is mostly done now, only final touches needed. It certainly helps as a kind of motivation boost, and as a way to keep focus too.

Next month will be slower than usual, as I plan to focus more on "boring" stuff like updating the website and documentation.
That is all for now.

Since I mentioned it, I leave you with a picture of the office (the working area).
See you next month!