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> KXStudio Monthly Report (February 2020)
On 2020-02-29 by falkTX

Hello everyone, it is time for another monthly report in regards to the KXStudio project.

First, there were many bugfixes made to Carla, we are very close to RC2.
I only have 2 things that I want to do before the RC2, first being fixing multi-instance under multi-client mode and second is to finalize the last couple of bugfixes.
So the RC2 should be out in a few days, maximum weeks.

Second, something that came out of (re-)packaging WineASIO (and moving away from Cadence, but that is a story for another day...).
I am taking over as maintainer of the WineASIO project.

WineASIO is something that is mostly "done", there is not much that we can add to it.
Since I have to keep it building in order to package it, I spoke with upstream and let them know I was available to take over.
(maintaince work is pretty minimal, just got to make it build basically)

We are trying to take over github.com/WineASIO organization, so we can place the source code repository in there.
If that takes too long, the repository will just end up at github.com/falkTX/WineASIO as it is for the moment.
In any case, we will see v1.0.0 release of WineASIO quite soon!

The KXStudio repositories' armhf build of surge has been fixed.
I have opened a pull request on upstream surge to discuss the armhf/arm64 needed changes (basically a SSE2 to NEON conversion).
They are quite open to it, which is nice to see.
We just need to fix some minor things now and that could likely be part of 1.7.0 release later on.

Finally, these are the package updates made in the repositories:

  • carla-git updated
  • mod-cv-plugins updated to latest git
  • sequencer64 updated to latest git, midi_control branch
  • surge updated to 1.6.6
  • cv-lfo-blender-lv2 added
  • g2reverb added
  • invada-studio-plugins (LADSPA) and invada-studio-plugins-lv2 added
  • setbfree added, including VST2 version through lv2vst
  • wineasio added
  • zlfo added

That is all for now. Have a great weekend everyone! :)