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> Introducing AIDA-X
On 2023-04-25 by falkTX

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce a new audio plugin - AIDA-X.


AIDA-X is an Amp Model Player, it loads models of AI trained music gear which you can then play in real-time.
Its main intended use is to provide high fidelity simulations of amplifiers.
However, it is also possible to run entire signal chains consisting of any combination of amp, cab, dist, drive, fuzz, boost and eq.
See https://github.com/AidaDSP/AIDA-X for more details on the project, including documentation and downloads.

Behind the scenes AIDA-X uses RTNeural, which does the heavy lifting for model processing.
Similar to master_me, I did the desktop plugin related code so it obviously uses DPF for the cross-platform and plugin format support details.

This new plugin comes out of an effort from me, AIDA-DSP and MOD Audio.
Initially AIDA-DSP folks did the work to get RTNeural working as its own embed-focused LV2 plugin, together with figuring out the AI training details.
The initial idea was to have an LV2/MOD-specific plugin that would serve as "generic model loader", this is the aidadsp-lv2 project.
As part of my work for MOD Audio, I helped to get this LV2 plugin in a bit better shape and integrated on the platform.
You can see a nice, extensive discussion with Jatin (RTNeural's main author) regarding how to best approach a "load it all" with it here.

With all pieces in place the LV2 embed plugin was/is working quite well inside MOD units and other low-spec devices, but LV2 is not yet a widely supported format...
We did not want to have it as a niche plugin, the technology around it is getting a lot of attention lately because of how damn cool it is.
I took the initiative to make a desktop plugin for AIDA-DSP, based on DPF as usual, and then we built on top of that.

Model Training and Downloads

If you are interesting on capturing/training your own models, MOD Audio has created a dedicated Modeling Guide page.
There's a dedicated space for sharing and discussing all things related to Amp Models in the MOD Forum's Neural Modelling section.

Plugin Downloads

There are pre-compiled binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows which can downloaded at https://github.com/AidaDSP/AIDA-X/releases.
You can also find it in the KXStudio repositories as aida-x package.

And you can also try it live online at mod.audio/aida-x-online, though this last option uses pre-recorded audio loops instead of real audio input.

Enjoy and have fun!