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On 2022-09-18 by falkTX

Hello everyone, this is a release announcement/introduction for a new audio plugin: master_me.


master_me is an automatic audio mastering plugin for live-streaming, podcasting and internet radio stations.
It takes care of master levels and "polishes" the sound with a chain of effects while introducing no latency.
master_me is closely modeled after the audio chain of Klaus Scheuermann's mastering studio in Berlin, Germany.
See https://github.com/trummerschlunk/master_me for more details on the project, including documentation.

Klaus is main author of this plugin, using faust to set up the various DSP components and also to generate an audio plugin.
Using faust provided tools was deemed not enough, as there was a wish for something more custom, specially on the GUI side.
I was contacted to help with this part, so obviously I went with DPF for dealing with all the plugin implementation details.
And that is how we got here :)

master_me is now at version 1.1.0 actually, as we found a few bugs shortly after release which were important enough to hold before going on sharing/"marketing" the plugin.
The plugin was actually quite valuable in ironing out some issues from DPF side, specially for dealing with VST3.
So future releases of DPF-based plugins will improve because of it, and we get a cool new plugin too. Good stuff :)


There are pre-compiled binaries for Linux, macOS and Windows which can downloaded at https://github.com/trummerschlunk/master_me/releases.
You can also find it in the KXStudio repositories as master-me package.

Enjoy and have fun!