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> Ildaeil v1.2 released
On 2022-10-15 by falkTX

Hello again everyone, a new release of Ildaeil is here.
Ildaeil is mini-plugin host working as a plugin, allowing one-to-one plugin format reusage.
The idea is to load it as a plugin inside your DAW and then the other "real" plugin inside Ildaeil.
This allows, for example, a VST3 host to load LV2 plugins.

The main changes this time are being able to load arbitrary files as plugins and CLAP hosting.
On the plugin type combo-box you now have "Load from file..." option, which will open a file-browser to select a plugin or music file.
This allows, for example, to load CLAP and VST2 plugins.
It is a semi-temporary measure while the auto-plugin scanning is not yet in place.

The CLAP hosting, as everything in Ildaeil, comes from Carla side too.
It should be considered experimental for now and will be part of Carla 2.6.0 update later.

There are also quite a few CLAP plugin related fixes, and details on X11 UIs changed to better support NTK-based ones.


Full changelog:

  • Allow loading arbitrary files/binaries as plugins
  • Add extra plugin bridges to release binaries (32bit plugins on 64bit systems, Wine stuff in Linux 64bit)
  • Improve compatibility with some X11 UIs (breaks recursion)
  • Fix loading LV2 path parameters via "Open File..." button
  • Several fixes to CLAP plugin variant
  • Use system-wide Carla binaries when not found inside plugin bundle
  • Update to latest Carla, with initial experimental CLAP hosting


The source code plus Linux, macOS and Windows binaries can be downloaded at https://github.com/DISTRHO/Ildaeil/releases/tag/v1.2.
Ildaeil is released as CLAP, LV2, VST2 and VST3 plugin, plus JACK Standalone for some systems.