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> Cadence 0.9.2 release
On 2022-06-19 by falkTX

Cadence 0.9.2 has just been tagged.
No new features have been added to the code-base.
The release is focused on fixing compatibility with new systems, specially for Python 3.10.

This release is quite late, all things considered.
Until a few days ago I was still running an Ubuntu 20.04 based OS, so I couldn't reproduce any crashes.
A few people submitted fixes for Python 3.10 compatibility, but I did not want to tag a new release before running a few tests myself.
I am now on a Ubuntu 22.04 based OS, so finally I was able to reproduce the reported issues and fix any extra ones that popped up.

I still hope to give Cadence an overhaul, splitting into separate projects so it is easier to manage and package.
The project started 12 years ago, there is some ugly code in there, nowadays I would have done a lot of stuff there differently.
Splitting Cadence into subprojects will also help on this overhaul, because it is less code to update and maintain each time.
But in any case, it is not something that will happen now, more like an idea/plan for later.