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KXStudio : Namespace : LV2-Extensions : External UI

NOTE: The KXStudio project is currently on a break, regular development is expected to return later in 2019. Thanks for understanding.

LV2 External UI extension is an LV2 UI extension, subclass of just like is.
It defines LV2UI_Widget pointer/handle as a pointer to LV2_External_UI_Widget, defined in the lv2_external_ui.h header (see below).

  • C header file: lv2_external_ui.h
  • DSSI-like universal "wrapper": dssi_wrapper.c.
    Example DSSI-like implementation of external UI (made originally for lv2 nekobee). Must be built with defines for UI_EXECUTABLE and UI_URI (strings).

This extension used to be available under the URI, and later
These old URIs are deprecated and the extension is available under the new URI.
Or if you prefer, the old extensions are deprecated and a new one with exactly same semantics but different URI is available.

NOTE: The old URI has been removed from the header file, since there were no plugins using it.

List of plugins that use this extension:

List of hosts that use this extension: