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> KXStudio Monthly Report (May 2020)
On 2020-05-31 by falkTX

Hello all, another monthly report about the KXStudio project is here.
It has been a few months since one of these, which I apologise for.
It was wrong of me to assume I will have news every single month, some are just a bit slow on news due to external circumstances.

Anyway, a lot of work is going into Carla, lots of bug-fixes.
A good collection of them are piling up, which makes a v2.1.1 release worthy, so expect that in the next few days.

One of the new features in Carla is Linux VST3 support, already available if you use carla-git.
There is also a category filter in the add-plugin dialog now, and better handling of high-dpi mode.
That is basically it in regards to frontend/GUI changes, everything else is on the backend/audio-host side.
All of this will be in Carla v2.2, with a tentative release date of July 15.

Other developments happening behind the scenes are a DISTRHO-Ports update (setting old JUCE aside and using new juce6 branch for Linux VST3 plugins), plus updating its build system to meson.
The WineASIO project was finally given to me officially, so expect a release soon for that too.
There is also a big DPF rework going on, and a new project for cross-platform LV2 plugin binaries.
Those will be announced at a later point in time, once ready.

Regarding package updates in the repositories, there have been a few since the last monthly report. Those are:

  • element added
  • impro-visor added
  • ladish fixed to work on systems without python2
  • amsynth updated to 1.10.0
  • avldrums.lv2 updated to 0.4.1
  • bsequencer updated to 1.4.2
  • bshapr updated to 0.9
  • bslizr updated to 1.2.6
  • carla-git updated
  • fluajho updated to 1.5
  • geonkick updated to 2.1.1
  • lsp-plugins updated to 1.1.22
  • mod-host updated to latest git
  • patroneo updated to 1.5
  • vico updated to 1.1
  • x42-plugins updated to 20200411

Not so much work got done in regards to the website and documentation.
Perhaps for next time.

That is all for now, stay safe out there.