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> KXStudio Monthly Report (January 2021)
On 2021-01-31 by falkTX

Hello all, another monthly report about the KXStudio project is here.
Last month I completely forgot to write a report, with the end of year and preparations for all the releases.
Speaking of releases...

A few things were released just 2 weeks ago.
From a quick update to DISTRHO/DPF-related plugins, to announcing PawPaw for cross-platform LV2 plugin builds.
I had an idea to release Carla v2.3 also at the same time, but a few things are still not ready.

And speaking of Carla now, good progress has been made to setup automated builds, at least for macOS and Windows (as those are the more annoying to build for, compared to Linux or BSD).
The dreadful issue of DLL hell causing Carla not to start on Windows seems to be fixed with this new updated build setup.
There are a few things in progress that I plan to finish before calling it final:

  • macOS arm64 build loading Intel 64bit plugins (already working for VST2, but not VST3)
  • revised and rechecked LV2 patch/parameter support (seems good to me, just needs more testing)
  • expose/export the internal audio and midi file players as lv2 plugins (almost there, some bugs still present)
  • allow to use desktop theme icons (mostly finished, just a few dialogs need to be adjusted)
  • translations (but as other things take priority for me, this might skip v2.3)

I am not mentioning here things that are already completed, it is just to give you an overview of what is left.
Plan was to have it finished by the end of January, but obviously didn't happen, so we can say "coming soon", again. :P

Once more Carla stuff is finished and mostly only testing is left, I will begin some very much needed work and attention for DPF.
DPF is using a very old pugl version, modified along the way but mostly matching the version used in x42-plugins.
pugl API got revised and improved so much that feels worth the update.
I started this already, but had to dedicate my attention to other things in the mean time.
Target is to not only update pugl, but an overall cleanup and minor reworks of the API where suitable/needed.
By end of next month I will try to give a summarized report of the update status.

Regarding packages in the KXStudio repositories, finally there has been some updates. Those are:

  • die-plugins added
  • adlplug updated to 1.0.2
  • dpf-plugins updated to 1.4
  • distrho-ports updated to 2021-01-14
  • drumgizmo updated to 0.9.19
  • lsp-plugins updated to 1.1.28
  • new-session-manager updated to 1.5.0
  • x42-plugins updated to 20210114
  • zam-plugins updated to 3.14
  • cmt fixed (symbol visibility issue)
  • setbfree small fix (removed unused b_conv vst)
  • whysynth fixed for newer distros

That is all for now, stay safe out there.