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> DISTRHO-Ports 2021-03-15 and PawPaw v1.1 releases
On 2021-03-16 by falkTX

Hello everyone, I am happy to announce a new release for DISTRHO-Ports, and subsequently an update to PawPaw that adds the new plugins.
In this DISTRHO-Ports release we now have 2 new plugins: SwankyAmp and Vitalium.

SwankyAmp appears as a direct port contribution from Jean Pierre Cimalando, you can find the original plugin here.

As for Vitalium, this is an open-source and redistributable version of Vital, a spectral warping wavetable synth that has recently being made open-source.
We cannot use the Vital brand or connect to its vital.audio online services, so this is completely removed from the Vitalium source code, with an alternative name and icon.

So with this release, I updated PawPaw so it now includes SwankyAmp and Vitalium.
In case you forgot or are not aware, PawPaw is a little project to build and package LV2 plugins for macOS and Windows.
Sadly due to technical difficulties I had to drop Windows 32-bit builds, which I imagine most will not care anyway.

So now you can enjoy 2 new plugins, no matter if you use Linux, macOS or Windows.
(for Linux builds, please refer to your distribution of choice, or grab them from the KXStudio repositories)

Oh, and some screenshots of course, everybody loves those.

Reaper with SwankyAmp on Windows


Zrythm with Vitalium on macOS


PS: Yes, Reaper supports LV2 now. And yes, Zrythm is quickly becoming a nice DAW too.