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> Changes in KXStudio repos, regarding Carla and JACK2
On 2019-03-22 by falkTX

This is a small notice to everyone using Carla and JACK2 with the KXStudio repos.

First, in preparation for Carla 2.0 release, the (really) old carla package is now the new v2.0 series, while carla-git now contains the development/latest version.
If you are not interested in testing Carla's new stuff and prefer something known to be more stable, install the carla package after the latest updates.

Second, a change in JACK2 code has made it so a restart of the server is required after the update.
(but for a good reason, as JACK2 is finally getting meta-data support; this update fixes client UUIDs)
If you use jackdbus (likely with KXStudio stuff), you will need to actually kill it.
If that does not work, good old restart is your friend. :)

One important thing to note is that the lmms package now conflicts with the carla-git one.
This is because some code has changed in latest Carla that makes v2.0 vs development/latest ABI-incompatible.
In simpler terms, LMMS can only either be compiled against the stable or development version of Carla.
The obvious choice is to use the stable version, so after the updates if you notice LMMS is missing, just install it again.
(If you have carla-git installed, carla will be installed/switched automatically)

I tried to make the transition of these updates as smooth as possible, but note that you likely need to install updates twice to complete the process.

In other news, we got a new domain!^-^)/
Also Carla v2.0 release date has been set - 15th of April.
Unless a major issue is found, expect a release announcement on that day.
See you soon then! ;)