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> Carla 2.4.1 has been released
On 2021-10-15 by falkTX

This is a bugfix for Carla version v2.4 series, bringing some improvements and fixing a few bugs.

Carla is an audio plugin host, with support for many audio drivers and plugin formats.
It has some nice features like automation of parameters via MIDI CC (and send output back as MIDI too) and full OSC control.


  • Better handling of VST3 parameters (hide as needed, number of steps, etc)
  • Fix compatibility with Python 3.10
  • Fix getting the proper X11 UIs size for more plugins
  • Fix plugin bridges not automatically closing if main Carla dies on macOS (similar to how it is done on Linux)
  • Fix unused parameters preventing real ones from showing up in the edit plugin dialog
  • Fix CarlaNativePlugin.h and CarlaPluginPtr.hpp header files not installed system-wide
  • Fix XY-Controller GUI missing on "make install" target
  • Fix VST2 plugins under macOS and High-DPI (by not reporting scale factor)
  • Replace -lpthread usage with -pthread, fixing RISC-V builds
  • Send keyboard and focus events as needed/possible to VST2 and VST3 UIs
  • Small tweaks to XY-Controller (make lines 1px thick, close UI with Esc key)
  • Special tweaks for static plugin target build (embeding carla statically in other applications/plugins)
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks


To download Carla binaries or source code, jump on over to the KXStudio downloads section.
If you're using the KXStudio repositories, you can simply install "carla".
Bug reports and feature requests are welcome! Jump on over to the Carla's Github project page for those.

Notes for users

This was already the case for v2.2 and v2.3 but it is worth reiterating:
When using JACK2, the canvas - plugin integrations requires at least JACK2 v1.9.13.
This is because Carla relies on JACK meta-data in order to store information about each plugin/client, and meta-data was only added to JACK2 in version 1.9.13.
Alternatively, you can use JACK1 instead of JACK2, which has meta-data support since a long time.
Note that the "extras" KXStudio repository (which provides an updated JACK2) supports both Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.
The UbuntuStudio backports PPA also provides updated JACK2 packages.

There are no official Linux binary builds for v2.4.1 at this point.
Carla v2.4.1 is provided in the KXStudio repositories and in many official Linux distribution repositories too anyway.