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> Cadence 0.9.0 release and KXStudio 18.04 preparations
On 2018-04-02 by falkTX

Cadence 0.9.0 has just been tagged in its git repository.
No new features have been added to the code-base.
The release is focused on the Qt5 port, and of course the fixes that have been added over time.
Qt4 is no longer supported; the code was updated to work with Qt5, without having a fallback Qt4 mode (unlike Carla).
Cadence Qt5 port is needed for a proper KXStudio 18.04 release, as we will be using KDE5 Plasma as desktop environment.

The KXStudio "Welcome" wizard has also been ported to Qt5.
This finalizes the Qt4 => Qt5 porting process, with all KXStudio tools now running in Qt5.

In other news, the preparations for KXStudio's 18.04 ISO release have started.
The decision is to use Neon as the base distro for the next ISO images, with Breezy-Dark as default theme.
The KXStudio configuration files have been ported from KDE4 to KDE5, with only a few tweaks missing now.
If you're running the KXStudio repositories with Neon 16.04, you can already install the kxstudio-desktop-neon package. :)

Note that Ubuntu 18.04 (and thus Neon 18.04) is not out yet, so a release will of course have to wait for them first.
(Neon does not actually have their 18.04 repositories fully ready at this point)
We will have beta images first, to let users test and give feedback.
When everything seems to run fine, and I am happy with the results, the final image will released.
No estimation on the 'when' just yet though - it will be out when it's ready - so please don't keep asking. ;)