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> A small set of plugin updates
On 2021-01-15 by falkTX

Hello hello, it is release day again!
Keeping up with the cool people, here is a set of plugin updates for the Quarterly Release Pact.
Do note that these are all source-only releases. For binaries, use your Linux distribution packages or the PawPaw project.
With that said, let's begin...

DISTRHO-Ports 2021-01-14

DISTRHO-Ports is a set of GNU/Linux and LV2 ports, imported into the codebase for easy packaging, maintaince and all that.
This is a bug-fix release, getting the project ready for cross-platform builds and automated validation/testing.

  • Fix out of bounds buffer write in drowaudio-reverb (leading to memory corruption and/or crashes)
  • Fix lv2 export preset meta-data validation
  • Fix lv2 ttl generation when cross-compiling (e.g. using mingw and wine within linux)
  • Fix exported symbols
  • Fix build/compatibility with macOS 11 / arm64

DIE-Plugins v1.1

DIE-Plugins is a collection of plugins imported into the DISTRHO project for easy packaging.
Currently has only Ardour (Community Effect) plugins, mainly so you no longer need to build the entire Ardour codebase to get these plugins.

  • Fix a-fluidsynth port names
  • Sync with upstream, now features are listed in ttl thus passing plugin checks/validation
  • Use -fopenmp for building internal fluidsynth (where possible)

DPF-Plugins v1.4

DPF-Plugins is a collection of DPF-based plugins, including Kars, MVerb and Nekobi.
This is yet another bug-fix release, tagging a release before a big DPF overhaul planned for next month.


  • Auto-detect compiler target, fixing as-is build with ARM systems
  • Allow to use EXE_WRAPPER as makefile option, to help cross-compilation
  • Fix build with headers in custom path
  • Fix "make install" for macOS and Windows
  • Fix exported LV2 metadata to pass checks/validation
  • Make mouse-wheel delta independent of window size


  • Fix audio buffer reuse, causing bad audio in some hosts


  • Set default MIDI CC for all parameters

More releases coming soon, stay tuned!