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> A DISTRHO-Ports update
On 2020-07-16 by falkTX

Hello again, another release for the Quarterly Release Pact is here.
This one is a "small" update of the DISTRHO-Ports project.
It is a more packager-focused release rather than user-focused, because the (super old) build system was finally updated.
This alone warrants a new release by itself, as it finally becomes possible for the project to be packaged in regular linux distributions.

There are a few new plugins and fixes with this release, bigger changes are coming at a later date.
I want to update the DISTRHO-Ports website and have "nightly builds" of the plugin binaries, but this will take time.
For now, at least we have the plugins building and working on modern distributions.

Here is a resume of the full changes since last release in 2018:

  • Add HiReSam plugin port
  • Add ReFine plugin port
  • Add Temper plugin port
  • Fix build for ARM NEON target
  • Fix LV2 UI notifications happening in non-GUI thread
  • Fix LV2 meta-data to pass lv2lint errors
  • Update JUCE (current plugins frozen in a known good but slightly old version, with cherry-picked fixes)
  • Switch build system from premake3 to meson

There are no pre-compiled binaries for this release, though the plugins are fully up-to-date in the KXStudio repositories.
You can find this 2020-07-14 release at github.com/DISTRHO/DISTRHO-Ports/releases.