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This section describes all the meta-packages available in the KXStudio repositories, split by type.

KXStudio own package list

These are for packages available through the KXStudio repositories.
In a tree-like view, the meta-packages are setup like this:

  • kxstudio-meta-all
    • kxstudio-meta-audio-applications
    • kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins
      • kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-collection
      • kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-ladspa
      • kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-dssi
      • kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-lv2
      • kxstudio-meta-audio-plugins-vst

The "collection" is a subset, focusing on just the highlights/best plugins to install out of all LADSPA, DSSI, LV2 and VSTs (where LV2 format is preferred, if available).
Whereas the specific plugin format packages are more complete, they will install all individual packages that contain plugins in that format.


The 'meta-audio-plugins-collection' package is an alternative to installing all plugins at once.
If you're the kind of person that only wants to install the best plugins, consider installing this package first before installing other audio meta-packages.
This way installing 'meta-audio-plugins' will not pull 'meta-audio-plugins-ladspa', 'meta-audio-plugins-dssi', etc.

Audio plugins packages that include several formats (like drumgizmo that includes LV2 and VST) or standalone applications (like calf-plugins) are not part of the specific '*-audio-plugins-*' packages.
This is because installing those will install additional plugin formats and/or full applications.
To ensure, for example, that you get all possible LV2 plugins from KXStudio, install 'meta-audio-plugins' and 'meta-audio-plugins-lv2'.