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Cadence-Logs is a small tool that shows JACK, A2J, LASH and LADISH logs in a multi-tab window.
This is very similar to the the 'ladilog' app but here the logs are viewed in a text box, making it easy to browse and extract status messages using copy and paste commands.

This tool can be executed as 'cadence_logs' or within Catia and Claudia from their 'Tools' menu.

The Interface

A screenshot follows, showing the JACK log:

It couldn't be simpler: 4 tabs for the different logs and 2 buttons.
Each tab shows the log for the application indicated in the tab name. If a log does not exist, its tab will not be shown.
(As you can see in the screen-shot above the 'LASH' tab is missing, indicating that its log does not exist in the system).

The 'Close' button will, obviously, close the tool window.
The 'Purge all logs' button will empty all the available logs (it will not delete the files, but overwrite them). If a log file does not exist it will not be created.


This is a very small tool with a very small purpose: to quickly view the audio-related logs and allow you to copy&paste from them.
The logs are actually files that exist within your home folder. The full filenames for each log are:

  • JACK: ~/.log/jack/jackdbus.log
  • A2J: ~/.log/a2j/a2j.log
  • LASH: ~/.log/lash/lash.log
  • LADISH: ~/.log/ladish/ladish.log


Cadence-Logs is available in the KXStudio repositories and ArchLinux ('cadence-tools' package in the KXStudio repositories, 'cadence' in ArchLinux).
ArchLinux (Community)
Debian/Ubuntu (via KXStudio repositories)

Pre-compiled binaries are available for Linux (part of the Cadence bundle).
Linux 32bit
Linux 64bit

The latest source code is hosted on github, together with bug reports, feature requests, etc.
Source code
Bug reports / Feature requests