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Cadence-JackSettings is a simple and easy-to-use configure dialog for jackdbus (either JACK2 or JACK1 + DBus patch).
It can configure JACK's driver and engine parameters (network not yet implemented), and it also supports LADISH studios.

This tool can be executed as 'cadence_jacksettings' or from within Cadence, Catia and Claudia.

The Interface

A screenshot of the first, "Engine" tab:

A screenshot of the second, "Driver" tab:

The third tab, "Network", is not implemented yet.

You probably recognize some options from other JACK configure tools such as QjackCtl.
They are similar because they manage the same thing (JACK). The difference is mostly at the layout level — that is, how things are organized in the GUI.

Most options have a tooltip to help. The 'driver' option (table on the left in the 2nd screenshot) will trigger small changes on the layout.
NOTE: Leaving a particular driver selected after closing the tool will result in that driver being used the next time JACK starts.


The options will be available (or not) according to your JACK version.
JACK1 and JACK2 options are different, so Cadence-JackSettings interface will change for them. Some set-ups might also have LADISH specific options.
(For this first release Cadence-JackSettings is targeted at JACK2 and some minor JACK1 options will be missing).

If you want a more in-depth explanation of what each option does, you can checkout your 'jackd' manual page or view it online here.
The first part of that manual relates to the 'Engine' options, then specific driver ones.
Remember that Cadence-JackSettings doesn't really uses 'jackd', but since we are both targeting JACK the options are the same.

NOTE: The settings are shared across jackdbus-capable applications (jack_control and ladiconf), but not QjackCtl.
QjackCtl doesn't support querying and storing settings via jackdbus (it uses its own internal settings), so any change in it will not affect Cadence-JackSettings and vice-versa.
We recommend using only Cadence and avoid (or uninstall) QjackCtl.


Cadence-JackSettings is available in the KXStudio repositories and ArchLinux ('cadence-tools' package in the KXStudio repositories, 'cadence' in ArchLinux).
ArchLinux (Community)
Debian/Ubuntu (via KXStudio repositories)

Pre-compiled binaries are available for Linux (part of the Cadence bundle).
Linux 32bit
Linux 64bit

The latest source code is hosted on github, together with bug reports, feature requests, etc.
Source code
Bug reports / Feature requests