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Cadence-JackMeter is a digital peak meter for JACK.
It automatically connects itself to all application JACK output ports that are also connected to the system output.

This tool can be executed as 'cadence-jackmeter' for monitoring outputs or 'cadence-jackmeter -in' for monitoring inputs.

The Interface

A screenshot follows:

This is a regular digital-audio peak meter as you probably have seen many times before.
Note that the peak values are based on programming data (0.0 <-> 1.0) and not dB.

The meter has small lines to guide you. The value of these lines are (from bottom to top):

  • 0.30%
  • 0.50%
  • 0.70%
  • 0.83%
  • 0.90%
  • 0.96%


Simply run it and it will automatically connect to all JACK audio ports currently outputting sound to the 'system' client (or inputs if using '-in' argument).
The JACK client name is 'M' for "meter". When you change connections in the JACK graph, Cadence-JackMeter will change accordingly.


Cadence-JackMeter is available in the KXStudio repositories and ArchLinux ('cadence-tools' package in the KXStudio repositories, 'cadence' in ArchLinux).
ArchLinux (Community)
Debian/Ubuntu (via KXStudio repositories)

Pre-compiled binaries are available for Linux and Windows (part of the Cadence bundle).
Linux 32bit
Linux 64bit
Windows 32bit

The latest source code is hosted on github, together with bug reports, feature requests, etc.
Source code
Bug reports / Feature requests