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This section lists the audio plugins made or forked by the KXStudio Team.
All plugins are open-source and completely free.

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DISTRHO provides cross-platform plugins and Linux ports, including MVerb and TAL NoiseMaker.
The official website for DISTRHO is http://distrho.sourceforge.net/, and its respective forums are located here.

The DPF-Plugins project contains mostly original plugins made with our own framework (dubbed DPF),
while DISTRHO-Ports contains ports of 3rd party plugins made with Juce.


FluidPlug uses SoundFonts as LV2 plugins via FluidSynth.
Made for hosts that do not support desktop UIs or loading of external files.

The source code is available here.


JackAss is a VST plugin that provides JACK-MIDI support for VST hosts.
Simply load the plugin in your favourite host to get a JACK-MIDI port.
Each new plugin instance creates a new MIDI port.

The source code is available here.

LV2 Extensions

The KXStudio project has a few LV2 extensions of its own, adding missing functionality into the LV2 stack.
These are: